Saturday, October 16, 2010

How long can we evolve?

I keep hearing about everything looking to evolve in the near future.  With new releases such as Web 3.0, people are excited about the changes being made, but even with new technology on the horizon, people still look for more.  I'm kinda worried about how much things can actually evolve in this scenario.  Why can't things just stay the way they are for a few years?

Let's take gaming consoles as an example.  People enjoy the current systems and games if what I'm hearing is correct.  Yet, just with computer technology, new consoles are just around the corner.  Now, hey, I'm all for getting new and innovative games that look and play swimmingly.  But why is there always a necessity for something "better"?  Even when people buy a new console, there's already talk about the next generation.  But this can't continue, can it?  Eventually, we cannot evolve any further.  I'm just concerned about when we will hit that point.  What will happen, to let's say the gaming industry, when developers run out of ideas for consoles, or they just try too hard to be innovative and flop.  The thing is, even as an aspiring game developer myself, I'm constantly worried about the stability of these types of things.  We keep looking for "better" games and "better" graphics and never seem to be satisfied.

Well I'm just here to say that I AM satisfied.  I still take a moment when playing a game such as Tales of Vesperia or NBA 2K11 and marvel at the graphics and color schemes, especially when I decide to turn on the old NES and go into nostalgia mode.  Anyways, I'm not sure where this thought came from or why I'm blogging about it.  Maybe it stems from my dislike of where gaming companies are going these days (i.e. Kinect, the obsession with 3D gaming, and the clusterfuck of motion control) or perhaps it's just a random thought, who knows.  All I know is that I won't be surprised when the day that evolution fails arrives.


  1. I would have to agree with everything you've said. It's all because of greed. Greedy greed greed

  2. I don't know. There's always a lot of room for more discoveries, finding more things. It's actually kind of scary when I wonder, is there an upper limit? Is there a boundary, a ceiling, or a barrier to more development? The day that comes, I'll actually be more creeped out than unsurprised, because development to me has always seemed to be something that could only get better.

  3. i agree man, im comfortable with things the way they are. following