Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Phoenix Down: MAGD style!

Ah, the phoenix down.  An RPG player's favorite item to have in handy during boss fights.  If you're not familiar with the term, a "Phoenix Down" revives a fallen character/ally/whatever.  So for our project in SMO, it was a goal of mine to help revive the MAGD page on Facebook and give it some new life.  And I think I did a pretty nice job.

First off, I shared numerous stories on the page's wall.  From gaming news to articles on Mashable, I would immediately throw the link on MAGD's wall for other people to see if I thought it was interesting, as well as putting it on my own status.  I also typed some well-thought out responses to the various stories the MAGD admins shared on their status, and gave as much feedback as I could.  Another contribution was simply suggesting the page to friends.  I got about 10 people out of my friends list that were interested in MAGD to "like" the page, boosting page awareness.  Finally, I helped establish some user-created content by submitting a simple photo I created in Photoshop using the progression of Mario combined with the MAGD logo.  It wasn't meant to be anything spectacular, but I believe that any user-created content really helps to boost activity.

There were also a few things I was dissapointed with during the beginning of this project.  I don't think we did a great job promoting our event, "Friday game days", as even I was confused as to what, where, and when the event even was.  To fix this, I think we can all promote it better as well as setting up a more informative event page.  Secondly, there wasn't too much of a group effort.  I noticed that there was little communication amongst ourselves which may have held us back.  Simple solution: more communication.

Other than that, I think we did a great job in spreading the word and getting more activity on the page.  We had a few flaws in our group work but overall, this is a great start to getting more people involved with MAGD!

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